Beneath the surface...

Founded by our very own, TINA MARIE, Wholeheartedly was birthed as a result of many life long journeys through pain, dysfunction, heartache, and not fully connecting with the principles of relating. Since childhood, she sought out to obtain full enlightenment of what connection truly means and through such, had the burning desire to provide alternative therapy strategies that would help any person open to receiving them. With the evolution of our society, there is a critical need to also expand our minds and how we maneuver through relationships. T. heard the call in her spirit and answered, thus forming the organization that will contribute to re-shaping the world.

T. is a CEO, Relationship Analyst, writer, speaker, and spiritual teacher. She believes that relationships are essential to our quality of life, and we must nurture them to facilitate growth in ourselves and others. Everything that we do involves relating to something/someone else including: how we relate to our parents, siblings, friends, lovers, colleagues, managers, food, and finances. In addition, each one requires the knowledge and understanding of deep-rooted principles that incorporate spirituality, awareness, and the love of humanity. T. understands the importance of unveiling the root cause of our relational issues and working to clear them. In doing so, we will naturally move toward healing all other aspects of ourselves as well.

Being one who feels emotionally connected to the world, she prides herself on being unbiased while providing solution based responses from a place of love. One of her key phrases is, “the ground work starts with how we relate to people.” She believes that if the world only knew that the source of all dysfunction starts with how we relate to one another, it would be a better place.

Please join us as we embark on the journey to evolution!


To assist in healing relationships throughout the world by promoting evolution and encouragement through techniques that are rooted in: heart-to-heart conversations, energy clearing, spiritual connection, and ultimate unconditional love.



  • We envision a loving community that provides a safe place for individuals, couples, and groups to be transparent with the Analyst and themselves to facilitate deep rooted healing and progression.
  • We envision a world in which people have an open mind, and more importantly an open heart, that allows them to receive the messages and techniques that the Analyst provides.