Hey! I’m Tina Marie.

I’m an Intuitive Heart Healer, Relational Alchemist, and Analyst.

Relationships and connecting with people have been the center of my life for as long as I can recall, but it hasn’t always been the most pleasant journey. Being innately heart centered, I operate from a genuine open space that includes an abundance of trust and love for those that I encounter. Life began teaching me that this was not everyone’s default operation system when it came to relating to others. Through experience, I found myself feeling the pangs of embarrassment, shame and disconnection that would ultimately knock me completely off course, searching for love and friendship in all the wrong places.

My shattered inner self made me a magnet for people who projected their personal insecurities onto me. I know this is not a unique experience, and if you’re still reading at this point, you’ve probably had very similar experiences.

The passion for education I’ve always possessed, provided an escape allowing me to immerse and distract myself from managing relationships that just weren’t working. I obtained an Associate of Applied Science, Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Analytics, a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Business Foundations, and a Masters in Business Administration. While being educated in a traditional structure, I was also learning invaluable lessons inadvertently about myself.

Although I identified many core truths, these are the most important:

Five Things to Know About Me

#1: I’m an Empath

Since early childhood, I’d recognized my spiritual and environmental sensitivities, but it wasn’t until age 18 when I learned exactly what that meant for me. I feel everything – the emotions of others when interacting (positive or negative), the sadness of humanity we receive through media, or the joy, sadness, or anger in music depending on its message and frequency. I have food sensitivities; my body reacts with hives, swelling, malaise, should I consume anything it does not agree upon (this includes a host of things). My mood is highly impacted by my sensory experiences. If I am in a calm or joyous environment, I respond in kind ways, while chaos leads to frustration. Finally and most importantly, I feel into my decisions. Once I understood and started to heed the powerful guidance of my intuitive nudge – that “gut feeling” altered my entire life seemingly overnight.

#2: I’m a Spiritual Being (in a Human Body)

My life is anchored in my belief of a power greater than my own. That power is all knowing and extends its light to me. I choose to honor this divine flow through me with expressions of daily gratitude for my life itself and all of the ways I feel supported. And because I choose to live a life of purpose, I also ask this power to reveal my unique gifts and life’s purpose. The unfolding in response has unveiled my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and intuitive channeling, which have allowed me to nurture a stronger relationship with my own spirit and the spiritual realm of guides, angels, ancestors, and more, that provides wisdom and knowingness that I am blessed to be able to share with you.

#3: I’m an Alchemist

Relational trauma and dysfunction seemed to chase me through my twenties until I finally decided to do something about it. Through consistent, deep prayer and meditation practices, I started to receive information downloads and guidance that helped transform my life and relationships. Like a highlight reel, unique strategies and practices began to present themselves to me in many ways; thus, I committed to incorporating them. I was 100% devoted to transmuting my old approach and belief system into a new reality that served the experiences and relationships I desired to create. Over time, each area of my life began to successively transform into a beautiful expression of order, peace, and happiness.

#4: I am an Ally of the Mind

The mind is a processing center, but more importantly, it is a powerful laboratory of creation. Our mind creates our reality. Everything that we truly believe or give routine focus to or dwell upon, will take shape in our experience – it will, and must become true. At its most basic essence, source energy is neutral, it creates neither positive or negative experiences, so our reality becomes a manifestation of our chosen focus and our perception of those experiences.

I’ve studied the mental landscape for over a decade to increase my knowledge and understanding of it. Through real life practices, I gently began to utilize its power to help change my own reality. I learned to be more intentional about how I utilized my mind and controlled the thoughts that I allowed to flow through it. And in turn, I began to command my mind and thoughts, rather than allowing it to command me into realities I didn’t desire.

#5: My Heart is My Superpower

I am a guide who leads with LOVE; thus, I am sincerely invested in changing the way we relate. Relationships are essential to our quality of life, and we must nurture them to facilitate growth in ourselves and others. Everything that we do involves relating to something or someone else. To do this effectively, we require the knowledge and understanding of deep-rooted principles that incorporate spirituality, awareness, and love for humanity. My life has taught me the importance of unveiling the root cause of our relational challenges and doing the vital work to clear them. By undertaking these actions, we naturally gravitate toward healing all other aspects of ourselves and directly impact how we relate to others.

As an empath, I pride myself on being unbiased while providing solution-based responses from a place of love. I believe that relationships are the nucleus of life and that the source of all dysfunction starts with how we relate to ourselves and one another.

Everything that I’ve learned through my own journey, has been designed and incorporated into the individual offerings as well as the 4-phase Wholeheartedly Path, which guides you to a greater understanding of your mind-heart connection and the beautiful, synergistic way that they co-create functional relationships. My mission is to share this knowledge and my gifts to help you reconnect with your heart as well.

If you feel a connection to my story, or have an overall desire to change the state of your relationships, I invite you to work with me. Open your heart and mind to a transformative reality where your relationships become the jewels in your life and you experience the life and love you deserve!


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