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Hello, I'm Tina Marie!

Do you have friction & frustration in your relationships and you are not quite sure why?

Through unique methods of analyzing the heart + mind, I can help you unveil the "why" by identifying the root cause and assisting you in getting the results that you desire.
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My Services

Each person will have unique circumstances, thus after the consultation, we will tailor the sessions to meet your individual needs. I offer analysis & solutions for both personal + professional relational needs. Please complete the form below for more details.
1:1 | Personal

One on one sessions provide a more intimate approach to the analysis process. In this setting, I will work directly with you as we focus solely on breaking down your relational barriers and rebuilding with a new mental framework.

1:2 | Personal + Partner

One on two sessions provide a safe space for you and your partner to move through the healing process together. This is extremely impactful as it creates a container for you to listen to one another and work together to get to a unified end state that benefits both people.

1:4 | Group

Small group sessions are available for a maximum of 4 participants. This session is beneficial for those who need support and assistance to fully open up to a process, as well as individuals who are on a journey together and are looking for channels to grow & heal as a community.

Who I Can Help

How We'll Work Together

To properly define and address your concerns, the sessions are offered through the Wholeheartedly (WHRTLY) Path; a 4-phased programmatic approach to ensure your progression is balanced and consistent. As you move along through the program, each phase should feel lighter as you become more centered and aware of yourself, your needs, and your potential self-limiting behaviors.

Phase 1: Identify

Through many variations of talk & thought techniques, we will work through the layers of identity to reveal the root cause of your relational challenges. We will complete a full root cause analysis of your relational state. Upon completion, you will be able to clearly identify where your thoughts/actions surrounding your relationships are stemming from.

Phase 2: Release

Through guided meditative techniques, I will lead you through a series of visual prompts with the sole intent of opening your heart space and clearing energetic blocks. This is a powerful energetic shower. Upon completion, you will feel free from guilt, negative thoughts, and any other learned thought patterns that you have latched on to over time.

Phase 3: Define

At this stage, I utilize my Color Core technique. I call this yoga for the mind. Through an in depth understanding of color and its meaning, we will move through techniques to help you replenish your heart and mind with a vision of what you truly desire.

Phase 4: Create

This phase is a multi-layered session that contains a mix of phases 1-3 + visual scrying. This is the most exciting phase as you will create your next chapter! With clarity & confidence, I will guide you through the process of re-writing your story to include your personal happy ending.

Tina Marie
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Wholeheartedly was birthed as a result of many lifelong journeys through pain, dysfunction, heartache, and not fully connecting with the principles of relating.

Since childhood, I sought out to obtain full enlightenment of what connection truly means and through such, had the burning desire to provide alternative strategies that would help any person open to receiving them.

Tina Marie

Relationship Analyst

How I've Helped Others

"Through Tina’s coaching I’m learning how to soften (my) heart by understanding the truth in me so that I recognize that in others. I’m learning how to love wholeheartedly without conditions. 💕"
Tina is a AHMAZING….. She’s given me perspective in situations where I never thought I would be able to move past while showing me care and compassion and allowing me to grow as a person without making me wrong. I find that my sessions with her are better than any other gift I can give myself.
"Whenever I need guidance, I call T-Marie! She listens and will hold you accountable. She tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear!"
Working with Tina has changed my life. She helped me develop relational insight, strategies, and coping skills to use in my daily life. Through in depth listening + analysis, Tina was able to guide me towards healthy, positive changes that propelled me professionally and personally. Thanks to her services, I have grown substantially."
"I didn’t grow up in the most loving conditions. In a lot of different ways my upbringing caused me to be somewhat cold hearted. Through various techniques Tina has helped me open up my heart to being able to give and receive love. Tina is a great listener and very helpful when it comes to teaching just how much as a people we can sometimes be in your own way in regards to love and relationships."

frequently asked questions

First, let’s start with what a RA is not. A relationship analyst is not a licensed therapist or a life coach. I do not diagnose or treat symptoms of any kind including mental or otherwise. My work also differs from that of a coach, as it is rooted in much more than just motivating you to reach a specific goal. 

A relationship analyst takes a cognitive & heart forward approach to helping you get to the root cause of your relational patterns. My goal is not only to motivate you; but to create a pathway for deep rooted transformation in your relationships from the inside out. 

My services are unique & diverse and are tailored to the needs of the client. I offer services to individuals who are looking to go down the path of relational healing, groups who are looking to expand as a community, and entities who are looking to help the leaders within their organizations connect more effectively & efficiently. 

Yes! I understand that there may be some people who are not ready to commit to the WHRTLY Path. I do still offer individual 1-hr sessions, that are targeted at the specific concern of the client. 

I love this question! You may have noticed that during Phase 4 of the WHRTLY Path there is a technique utilized called “scrying” to create the vision for your future relationships. 

Scrying, in it’s ancient sense, means to “foretell the future”. In my practice, we are using this principle to create the future, and the object that is being utilized to materialize that state is our own mind! It is just as much fun as it is powerful, and I look forward to guiding you on that journey!

Great question! Being that my practice is heart-centered, the first step that I would ask of you is to listen to yours. Each of us do have an internal guidance system, so if your heart is drawn to me, I am a firm believer that you should be here. 

The second step is to assess your relationships & situations. If you are having recurring relational road blocks, yet you are yearning for a change and just don’t know how to materialize it, my services are for you. 

If your heart is open, but you are not quite sure what the next steps are that you should take to mend your relationships, my services are for you as well. 

If you are at a point in your life where you feel like any relational disconnect that you are experiencing is at the fault of someone other than you, my services would not be a good fit for you. 

No! There are many people who take a hybrid approach to achieving the healing that they would like to see. That means that it is totally acceptable (and in some cases advisable) to layer the services of a licensed therapist with that of the Relationship Analyst. My services focus on a holistic approach, however, please assess your individual needs and make your decision accordingly. 

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