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Approx. 60% of couples experience loneliness while residing in the same home as their partner.

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Roughly 80% of individuals do not “fully” understand the art of effective communication.

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Roughly 50% of people lack intimacy in their relationships.

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ONLY… roughly 20% of people naturally show empathy in their relationships.

Why should you choose me?

Take a look at the world today… we can conclude that healing and nurturing our relationships are pivotal to our quality of life. At a time when we have seemingly allowed ourselves to neglect, and in some cases, disrespect the bond that we have formed with others, we have reached the boiling point in which change is needed. Active listening, effective communication, empathy, understanding, and strategy… are just a few critical components in the relationship healing process.

Another important part is accountability. Tina is just as invested in the success of her sessions as her clients are. With an open heart and mind, both parties must aspire to achieve the same goal. Here, you are not only a client, but a partner in success.

Tina provides strategies that will not only challenge you, but that are designed to help expand your thought process as it pertains to relationships. In doing so, you not only understand your connections better, but most importantly… yourself.

IDENTIFY & ARTICULATE : Root Cause Analysis

Through heart-to-heart sessions, we will work to identify the root cause of your relational challenges, and implement steps to resolve them.

RELEASE : Heart Healing

The analyst will perform a safe and natural method of energy therapy, to clear any blockages that is impacting the client from giving and receiving unconditional love.


We pride ourselves on offering unique sessions that will allow us to break down the barriers of what is truly holding you back from healthy relating. You can move through continuous sessions to complete the full set and experience a range of breakthroughs in what each has to offer. Or, select the one that speaks to your heart. The choice is yours, all are highly beneficial and worth your time!

STRATEGY : Color Therapy

This is literally yoga for the mind, and it should be fun! The client will participate in several exercises that will help them explore their relational mindset. The exercises include, but are not limited to, color and aroma therapy.

PATH FORWARD : Visual Journaling

WRITE YOUR LIFE! This is another session that is packed with fun! Let your mind wander, and tap into the vision that you truly see for yourself and your relationship.


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