July just breezed in… yet it seems like just yesterday was January 1st… when the timeline was filled with goals, and those who proclaimed that new years resolutions were a thing of the past and affirming their destiny was the new normal. Sequin dresses, suits, and parties on NYE filled the screen as we scrolled through our timeline in boredom. It seemed like everyone was having fun, right? Although my NYE tradition is spent in the house visualizing, praying, meditating, and sageing, it was still a normal day in the neighborhood.
It couldn’t have been a whole week into January before it all changed. My initial description for it was the likes of the earth’s axis shifting. Although extreme, that doesn’t even describe what was beginning to happen. For me, I noticed that I just wasn’t feeling well (note: I don’t get sick often. Up until January, it had been years since I had a common cold.). Everything in my body was just off. I had flu like symptoms that were awful, and on top of that, I was extremely emotional. I could not put my finger on why. It was like my physical and emotional body was trying to “warn” me about something. Maybe a better word is “preparing” me for something. But, at the time, I just could not pin point what that was.
By the time we got to February, the table was starting to shake. If you have a business, or visibility to the financial reports of the company you work for, you probably saw a negative impact to the profits. You may have even experienced random, yet elaborate, personal expenses popping up that impacted your finances at home. It was certainly proving to be the most weird and rockiest start to a year that I have ever witnessed. So… I meditated. prayed. and meditated again. I reached out to a friend of mine to engage in some talk time, and I remember asking her, “hey… does this year not seem “off” to you so far?” She responded with a hearty, “HELLLL YES!” and proceeded to tell me about the many weird things that had been happening to her since the new year. Eerie, right? I was oblivious to anyone else’s plight throughout it all, only to find out that it wasn’t just me?!?! So… I began to call my folks and ask, how they were. Low and behold, one call after another was filled with something… frustration, sadness, death, anger, loss of work- or work-related issues, heartache, familial issues, illness, financial rifts, etc. That’s when the lightbulb popped on. I went into MYspace and meditated again. This time with the intention of being shown what was really happening. It was becoming crystal clear that it wasn’t as surface as I had assumed in the previous month.
Then, March rolled in with the Coronavirus on its back, and boyyy did shit hit the fan fast. From instant causalities to record breaking deaths spreading across the sea. Illness covered every inch of the world, some mild and some extremely severe. Let’s make a note here that I believe all illness rose to the surface. Not only did large portions of people contract the virus, but those with pre-existing medical conditions, and subtle mental illness experienced some form of complications with those (whether mild or severe). The country was in a state of emergency. So much so, we were all ordered to stay home to flatten the curve. This is where the socially-deprived psychosis began to form. The longer people felt forced to stay at home, the more their behavior became erratic. The number of posts made a day on social media by any one individual increased significantly. The arguing and debating over posts increased. Half nude photos being posted increased, yet, the masses grew more and more frustrated each day. It was a challenge for most to become still. The narrative became more about our constitutional rights, than our love for humanity and our desire to maximize life. Groups of people and organizations formed to demand to have their freedom back and then… The untimely demise of George Floyd occurred, ushering in a national spotlight on the many assassinations of black & brown people at the hands of the very government entity that swore to “protect” us. The country was in a complete uproar. Riots, looting, and protest ensued across the world. This was our breaking point. We are tired of being tired, so action is here to bring about change; not just any change, but concrete, tangible change. Much more than just a handshake and a promise.
That brings us to today where we are still engulfed in a virus ridden, and protest-filled world. The world is smothered in anger and disbelief. Energetically… we are teetering back and forth between darkness and light, trying to find balance. We are being challenged intensely spiritually as well, because I KNOW that, all realms are in sync. It matters not whether we are physically on earth, or in the spiritual world void of our physical bodies. Occurrences must occur on both planes because there is NO separation.
What I know for sure is… due to the many moving parts that I expressed above, the mind, body, and spirit are all being challenged right now. We are being presented with a CHOICE. The question is, what do we want as individuals AND as a collective? Ask yourself… “What do I want?” The window of opportunity is open, and we must decide. Do you want to change your life and your future? What does your heart desire? Are you in a job that you hate? Do you want to mend your relationships (with your parents, children, spouse, friends, etc.)? Do you want to stabilize your finances? This is it! Make the decision, THEN, implement strategies to enforce the change that you want. What we cannot do is continue to say that we “want” something different, yet still engage in behavior and activity that is in direct contrast with that in which we desire.
I believe that everything happens for a reason. For instance, is it a coincidence that we fell into a new century that has dismantled the false truths that this world was once built on? Nah, I don’t think so. I do believe that we want to hold on to the truths that we have “constructed” in our minds so badly, that we will fight tooth and nail to keep them there… With that said, it is extremely heartbreaking to watch the psychosis that is settling in. There is a significant amount of human beings who are in mental agony right now. Some have lost touch with reality completely; and while others may be having more of a subtle response, it is still mental distortion nonetheless. I am very familiar with the mind, what it does, and how it responds to certain scenarios. When you have been forced into a situation that you cannot control, one of two things will happen:

  1. You will lose your mind… First, your mind will shift to cruise control. That means you are no longer the “driver”. Your actions will become “automatic”; less thought – more doing. You may very well know that you are participating in behavior that can be destructive and disastrous to you (and/or your family) … BUT you do it anyway. Until you crash the car – arriving at a point where that same destructive/disastrous behavior has caused you harm (i.e. physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual harm).
  2. You will gain your mind… becoming conscious of your thoughts and belief systems, and which of those are yours versus what you learned from others. Consciousness will also show you the world, in clarity, for what it really is. It allows you to detach from behavior and ideologies that are fear based, and certainly not for your greater good. Consciousness is not a cult. It is the state of being FULLY aware … A concept that allows the Divine Presence to infuse with your spirit and move through you.

So, what do you choose? Are you bold enough to live in a state of awareness and in your true authenticity? Are you willing to care less about what others think of you, your career, your goals, or your relationship? If you can say yes to those questions, you are ready to walk the path to true happiness. No thing is for nothing. All the chaos, destruction, and illness are making way for better and brighter days. The century’s end has brought forth a true rebirth. It has shown humanity the detriment of its ways and shook the very ground that we walk on to force anew. My advice is, embrace it. Besides, change is here whether we like it or not.
With love always,
Tina Marie