There is no doubt that we are living in the Era of the Female. With all that is occurring in today’s society, the female is needed to restore balance. Just look at all that we are doing; holding down careers that were typically held by men, creating TV shows and producing movies, writing books, creating our own clothing lines, motivating others, and doing it all with time to spare to get home, make dinner, and take care of our children. Isn’t it amazing? Aren’t WE amazing?!? The masters of multi-tasking, the creators of the world… WE ARE EXTRAORDINARY beings! But, this evolution has come with positive and negative polarities that we must address.
In evolving as women, some have gotten lost in what that means. So, as a result, they have taken on the ‘feminist’ as meaning a replacement for the men. And with that, the mentality of “anything you can do I can do better” has arisen. We have embraced the responsibilities of being the mother and the father in the home. Some women are now preferring to be the provider and the bread winner while the man stays home with the kids. In some cases, the men are blatantly being disrespected even when they have done nothing to warrant that behavior. We are now courting men to date, and proposing the marriages. Climbing over one another to get to a man, who ends up dating multiple women at the same time anyway (because this negative polarity poses that option). Instead of holding tight to the positive polarities, we have embraced the negative as well. Operating in this way is completely changing the dynamic of how men and women relate and that piece of it must change…
For this reason:
As ever evolving women, we seek and require “more” when we evolve. So, with such, we want the stable relationships, the marriage, the nurturing household, the life partner, the finances, and the funnnnn that should come along with it. But, we can’t achieve that if the men feel that they have no place in the home. If they can’t feel that they are providing how they think they should, OR feel that they have no say so in the upbringing of the children, OR feel that they don’t even possess the power to propose anymore, then they will not ‘show up’ when we feel we need them. We MUST restore balance in that aspect! We can step into our light (fully), and be our ever evolving selves WHILE letting men step into their light and do the same! We are completely different beings, which is how we can come together in a relationship and bring two complete wholes who offer different qualities. There is no need to try to step on one another’s toes. There is no need to continually hurt one another, whether that is through words or actions. There is no need for competition. We are both needed to expand on Earth.
Ladies, we are here to push the world forward! Men cannot carry babies and give birth to them. They cannot provide the nurturing environment that we can, nor can they heal the world like we can. And there is POWER in that alone! Embrace your qualities as a woman, and we can do so while evolving with all of our positive polarities as well. We have become so hardened that we don’t even realize what we are ultimately doing to society. The world follows our lead, and because this is so, we continually set the tone for how relationships go. Everything that a man is doing he is doing because of a woman (good or bad). If we set the standard, they will follow to appease. However, it also works in reverse; if we have no standards, they will run rampant.
Part of the reason that we are the way we are is because we feel that it is the only way to gain respect when that is not true. Being who we are, naturally, will bring just that. I understand that many moons ago, women were not respected for being who they were, but now as times are changing, that is changing as well. You ARE more than enough just being you. Assert your feminine power and let’s heal the world…