Diary of the Unsuccessful Blogger: From Niche' to OH SNAP!

Diary of the Unsuccessful Blogger: From Niche’ to OH SNAP!

Everyday someone asks why they are born, if their life matters in this world, or what’s so special about them. It is in searching for the answers that their journey begins. There are multiple reasons why we are all born and sometimes it may not be understood for what or for whom the design benefits. However, while we try to figure it all out, we have to live each day attempting to be better to ourselves so that we are able to do good for others. Are you having trouble finding your place in the world? Do you have amazing ideas you would like to share with the rest of us? If so, you’ll enjoy Diary of the Unsuccessful Blogger: From Niche’ to OH SNAP! Larrisa takes you inside her struggle of finding a niche’ to share with the world as she becomes interested in becoming a blogger. During the journey she rediscovers her interest in helping others along with the confidence it takes to pursue a career as a life coach. In addition she will open your mind to the possibilities of living out your dreams while sharing a few steps on how to get there. As a personal and professional coach, Larrisa White feels it is her purpose to help people discover the power within to change their lives. She is also the founder and CEO of Love Fuel LLC. For more Information, visit www.lovefuel.org.

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