The Reason Why Women Can’t Get Along

The Reason Why Women Can’t Get Along

By T. Marie on September 12, 2016 in RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS

Women. We just can’t seem to pull it together. We are the gender of people that are the most complex. We have such jealousy and envy for one another when someone’s life does not look like ours. We just can’t seem to pull it together. We want so desperately to form bonds with other women; we want to be friends and besties, but don’t necessarily know how to be. We like to hang around for the good times; the parties, celebrations and otherwise. But, we don’t do a great job at calling just to check on one another. Being there for one another… just a little. It doesn’t have to be for a life crumbling crisis, it can just be a should to cry on… An ear when your home girl needs it. Anything… hell, everything! Because that’s what friends are for, right? But… we just can’t seem to pull it together.

There is a reason for this though. We have been through generation upon generation of suppression; From not having a voice to feeling like our voices aren’t heard. We have watched our men gawk at our counterparts, causing us to question and doubt our own self-worth and beauty. We have watched as men slept with our sisters and friends, while we feel helpless. We have experienced… We have hurt… We have survived. But here we are now… Thrown into this world of confusion. We are competitive. So much so that we are competing with other women AND men. “Anything you can do I can do better”, right? We want their sports, we want their jobs, hell we want their… Titles… Or no? What do we want? What do we want as women? What would make us feel secure, loved, and accepted? What would satisfy us so much at our core that it would make us better women, sisters, friends, and wives? Do we even know? Or are we thrust into this rat race and we are just chasing our tails for survival?

We are powerful ladies! We are the beings that God placed here on earth to give LIFE. Yes, that alone is powerful! We are sooooo much more than we give ourselves credit for! But we do have a purpose here, as do men. In my opinion, I don’t feel that our purposes here on earth are the same. That’s what makes us unique… That’s why we are wired differently. Now let’s act accordingly. Let’s figure out WHO we are and WHAT we want. Let’s get back to loving ourselves… Because it’s one thing to express that you do but it’s a total different ball game to FEEL it. We are healers. We have the power to heal all things around us through words and actions. Words are powerful… OUR words are powerful. Let’s be careful of how we use those words. Instead of tearing each other down let’s try building one another up. Instead of bashing and degrading our men, let’s try uplifting and loving them. Instead of screaming and hollering at our children for everything that they do wrong, let’s try nurturing them and commending them for what they do right. We have the power. We embody it… It flows natural through our DNA. Now let’s use it.


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