Ok… Can we discuss the season finale of Being Mary Jane? I know I’m behind on this one, but I was busy… Unjudge me!

The sarcasm:  I have to admit, there was something bittersweet about David’s mom popping up at MJ’s house. It was sweet in a sense, yet a slap in the face at the same time. Kind of like someone smiling while spitting in your face. She went on and on about how David is sorry, which I don’t doubt that he is. We all have a sense of remorse after doing some bullshit. What I didn’t like, is that his mom came to basically apologize for him. No, no David. I know the conversation will be hard… I mean… This IS Mary Jane, but what the hell?!?! Show how much you are sorry by standing up to her yourself! Say, “I’m sorry” and hell, “I love you” for that matter! Be expressive, even in the hard times. MJ is stubborn and has a pair of lips on her, but once the time came, she would reflect on those words. Those words that she (and any other woman), would so desperately want to hear.

Now on to Cece… The ironic thing is, through what appeared to be greed and extortion, MJ found what looks like a friend. She spoke at Cece’s bookstore on the season finale, and to be honest, it’s almost as if the woman forced MJ back into… herself. The self that cared about her culture, and what was happening around the world. The self that reflected back on all that had occurred and all that she had become, and realized that she really wasn’t being true to herself. But what a loop the ending through us for! MJ told CeCe that a publisher was interested in giving her a book deal.  They sat at the round table, and in typical CeCe fashion, she took off talking; detailing all of the payments that she so UNrightfully stole, while portraying it like it was within reason. Well, those publishers that she was meeting weren’t publishers at all. They happened to be the FBI, coming to arrest her for extortion. Cece was pissed, because she was under the impression that her and MJ were building a “friendship”…But I’m sorry Cece, friends don’t extort friends. That’s in chapter one of the “How To Be A Friend” handbook!

MJ also came under fire this episode for dating a white man. I use the word dating loosely because it’s more like a late night booty call than a courtship! She sexed, and sexed, and sexed this man in the steamiest and most exciting way. I mean, any woman would be up for this type of fun… And don’t lie, if you could get away with it you would! She ended up coming to the realization that it was merely a fling. Now, I’m not sure if it was more her fear of being judged for dating a white man, or her hope that she may still be able to find black love. But either way she cut it loose.

The realism:  Listen, we all screw up sometimes, and this time, it was David. Yes, what he done was whack… as HELL… but who’s to say that he wasn’t just young and dumb? Everyone goes through it, and hopefully, grow through it. On the flipside, where does holding a grudge get you? The only person that the grudge impacts is YOU. No one says that you have to go back to be besties and cuddle buddies, but get over your feelings. Look at the positives, you could have very well dodged a bullet, or maybe that “love” just wasn’t for you. Either way, make peace with the situation and move on.

To all the “David’s” out there… don’t be afraid to apologize. 9 times out of 10, that’s all a woman wants. Acknowledge your fault and wrong doings in the situation. OWN IT. That’s all you have to do, own it. When you act prideful and feel as if you don’t owe anyone anything, explanation or otherwise, you are losing a downhill battle. Not only are you being selfish and hurting another being, but karma will circle right back around and bite you… And we all know how that ends…

I believe that real friendships can form out of bad situations, but extortion is a bit extreme. It is never ok to use someone, and then think they will become your best friend. Everyone judges from the outside looking in, but you never know what someone is dealing with on the other side of the door. In this case, yes MJ was financially stable, but she also provided for her family, and had internal issues to deal with that were  far more severe than being materially poor. The bottom line is, she didn’t deserve that treatment, regardless of her attitude or possessions. Sometimes, the attitude and flashy personality can be a shield for someone who is truly suffering on the inside. Don’t be so quick to throw stones… We are all fighting a battle.

Lastly, the show mildly touched on corporate America, and the struggles within it. Ladies, we are all fighting the same fight. Trying to climb the corporate ladder and become something greater than all of those before us. However, fighting that fight doesn’t mean that we have to kick, scratch, and drag one another down trying to get there. Hard work and determination works just as well (in most cases). Working in CA myself, I have seen it all: the lies and cheating, sexing senior management, back stabbing, and sabotage, all in an attempt to get to the top. I’m actually happy that this very prevalent issue was introduced. Hopefully, it gets more exposure in future shows. (Stay tuned, I plan on blahg-ing more about relationships in leadership as well).

Whew! I knew that was just a mouthful, but I just loveeee relating fiction to facts! Anywho, what was your favorite moments? Did it go off with a bang or was it basic? Clue me in on any interesting shows out there that I don’t know about! Let’s talk tv!