What A Time For A… SCANDAL!!

Whew! If you tuned in to tonight’s Scandal, you know it was the Scandal to rival allllll Scandals (while shedding light on some very valid issues, of course)! Tonight was the season finale, but if you missed the season it was full of relationship woes… From the on-screen love-ships to the strained friendships, these characters left no stone unturned!

The sarcasm: Liv, Liv, Liv… Why are you the side piece of allllll side pieces?!?! You are the only woman on earth that can have a boyfriend, a fling, and someone else’s husband and play the “no seriously, I love YOU” role with every single one of them! I know women all of the world are wondering how in thee hell are you pulling this off! And to be honest, I’m wondering the same damn thing… *side eye* But one can only do what another allows. Furthermore, you pushed a woman completely out of her house (the White House at that), for you to take her spot! I’m sure that is the dream of side pieces all around the world… Thanks for giving them hope. *another side eye* But wait… that’s not all… Low and behold, you win, (insert slow clap), only to take Fitz on an emotional roller coaster about how you never wanted to be there in the first place! You never wanted to marry him, you never wanted to live in the White House because you have just as much power as he does, and how dare he think you would take a back seat to him. Reeeeewind, weeks ago your hot spot was in the driver seat. You didn’t want anything more than to live out your days with good ole Fitz and have his babies… Why the change of heart? You admitted that that dream was only valid while he was taken… still married… still another woman’s man.

 Liv also comes from a broken family though. Both of her parents are deadly criminals, so again, she is dealing with some serious internal issues that she will have to heal from alone. But instead of healing, she is pacifying her pain with the D… Going from man to man, looking for romance and for-the-moment love. Clearly you would have to have some deep rooted issues if your mother was a terrorist, and your father was a cold blooded professional hitman, right? Not only that, but Papa Pope is manipulative. He will finesse any situation that can potentially deliver an outcome that is in his favor. I don’t doubt that he loves Liv, not at all. However, he can’t deliver the type of love that she needs as his child; the love that she is so desperately searching for. He may think that he is giving her unconditional love, most of the time if you are coming up short on the love-meter, you definitely can’t recognize it yourself. Well… unless you become spiritually in tune, but for some reason, I don’t see that happening in Papa Pope’s near future.

 The realism: Why is it that a woman will lust and chase after a man that she know she can’t have? What is it about the thrill of sexing and manipulating a man that is going home to another woman? It sounds fun, right? You can have your casual nights with him and send him home… or you don’t have to report your every move to anyone, because he has a woman. You can come and go in your own house as you please, and even milk him for money every now and then. But somewhere along the lines you catch a feeling or two… Now you want more time. The questions become, “Why can’t you stay the night here?”, “Why can’t we be together?”, “Just leave her…”

 All of which he might even consider. He could very well be taking his woman through soooo much at home that they both really want out. Little did you know, YOU were the scape goat! He hesitates for a while, pondering if it’s worth it. The more he hesitates, the more you press down on him trying to force him to make a decision. Then boom, it happens… He appears at your doorstep telling you that he left his woman. Uh oh… Now the shit gets real. All of the crap that his woman dealt with that you never got to see, and all of those little personality quirks and character flaws that she accepted him for is now in your hands. The only difference is, you can’t handle it! A couple of months pass before the petty complaining creeps in and the arguing starts. Tsk tsk… What a shame. The reality comes crashing down on your doorstep which is, you never wanted him anyway. You only wanted the thrill of sexing another woman’s man. Well, there is more to a man than his penis, and when you entertain a relationship, that’s the first thing you should remember. The ex has moved on… She’s happy and free while you are realizing that you may have made a mistake. Be careful what you ask for or you just might get it.

Now, I’m not saying that every situation ends like that. There are instances where the fling and the stolen man live happily ever after. But it normally doesn’t happen from taking him right out her bed (like Liv did).

Overall, the show was entertainment for sure! I thought the season started off slow, but that’s just me…

What about you guys?

Was this season all that you expected and some?

And the juicy finale… what was your fave part?!?

Did you agree with how Liv played Fitz? Let’s talk tv!

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