In light of Obama’s farewell address and the LIFE that we got from it, I think it’s only proper that I take a moment to highlight his marriage and relationship. Barack and Michelle appear to embody the characteristics that every.single.woman wants in their relationship/marriage. They seem to love one another unconditionally, while having fun and […]

It's Just A Paper…

Soooo… when are y’all getting married? That’s probably THEE most annoying question that you can ever ask a person… Especially one that is in a serious relationship. Not that every woman doesn’t dream of their wedding day, because we do, but seriously, we don’t want to be hounded about it either. Furthermore, marriage is about […]

Ask Yourself Which Relationship Are You Nurturing

The definition of relationship is a rather easy concept to grasp. Yet, once you implement effectiveness (or lack thereof) you change the dynamic completely. Anyone can engage with someone else and consider it a relationship; rather it be your spouse/partner, your friend, your colleague etc. Being genuine in those interactions and most of all present, will determine […]